Who We Are

A company of integrity and quality, Oak Leaf Enterprises, Inc. is home of the MM .NET Framework for Microsoft's .NET Platform and MMiOS Framework for Apple's iOS Platform. Oak Leaf also offers training, mentoring, and programming services world wide, backed by over 30 years of experience in the software development. Our development philosophy demonstrates our dedication to serving our clients by keeping you involved and informed.

Developer Tools and Training

With the rapid changes in the industry, you can depend on Oak Leaf Enterprises to offer you timely tools and training to help you utilize current technologies. We also believe in educating our customers about their options, never assuming that our tools are the only way to go.

Many companies have benefited from using our developer tools, taking our training, and contracting our mentoring services. Let us help you jump-start your development efforts. Our solid, quality work in software development is recognized by others in the industry who also use our Frameworks as the foundation of their applications.

Kevin McNeish, President, Oak Leaf Enterprises, Inc.

Kevin McNeish is President and Chief Software Architect of Oak Leaf Enterprises, Inc., and an eight-time recipient of the Microsoft MVP award. He is a well-known .NET and iOS speaker and trainer through North American and Europe, including DevConnections, VSLive!, DevTeach, SDC, Advisor DevCon, as well as numerous Code Camps and Boot Camps.

He is author of the book Learn to Code in Swift, co-author of the book Professional UML with Visual Studio .NET, author of the book .NET for visual FoxPro Developers, as well as many software development magazine articles.

Kevin is the Chief Software Architect of the MM .NET Framework for Microsoft's .NET platform and the MMiOS Framework for Apple's iOS platform.





Last Updated:  March 13, 2008