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Keeping projects on track, on time, and within budget

Call on Oak Leaf Enterprises to provide proramming and mentoring expertise when time is critical, the technology is new, or you just need extra help. Specializing in helping both small and large companies rewrite existing applications or create brand new software applications, you can rely on Oak Leaf Enterprises!

Whether it's Windows, Web, iPhone/iPad, or Android, we have the experts you need!

Oak Leaf Architects, Developers and Mentors

With help from our highly experience architects, developers, and mentors, you are guaranteed to receive exactly what you need for your unique business situation. We work with you to determine your exact needs, help you choose the development process that is best for you, and guide you in developing software that meets the eneds of your users for today and the future

Windows, Web, iPhone/iPad or Android

At Oak Leaf Enterprises, we can help with your Windows, Web, iPhone/iPad, or Android applications. We have a full range of architects, mentors, and deelopers that specialize in various types of application development and can help create the right type of application for your needs. We can provide expersise and hands-on help with user interface, business layer, data layer, and even database design.

Best Practices

When you get software development services and guidance from Oak Leaf Enterprises, you can count on learning and using the best practices for implementing the full range of technologies, including the use of tried-and-true design patterns that provide a solid framework for your applications, making them easier to create and change along with your customer's requirements and ever-changing technologies.

Help with New Technologies

We can also help you learn and implement the latest Microsoft and Apple technologies. In the process you will learn best practices for implementing these new technologies as well as frank advice on what's cutting edge and what's bleeding edge!

Project Rescue!

At times, projects can get off track, or eve start off on the wrong foot. We have helped hundreds of companies get back on track with our project rescue services. We can assess the technologies and architectural choices that have been made and determine the best course of action to get your project on solid ground and completed.

On Site or Off-Site, Short Term or Long Term

Our architects, mentors, and developers can be available to help you with your project, either on site or off site. When helping off iste, we take advantage of Citrix which allows us to see (and optionally take control of) your computer for fast, efficient, help.

Whether you need help for just a few hours, several months, or even longer term, we can help you get over the tough spots in your application, help you write large portions of your software, or even the entire project

A Great Value--Time is Money!

We offer our mentoring and programming services at great rates. You will find it takes a very short time for our team to answer your questions, provide guidance, or write that difficult piece of code for you saving time and money

For more information on rates, availability, and information on how we can help with your project, email