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MM .NET Application Framework

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The MM .NET Application Framework

Robust tools for developing flexible,
high-performance applications rapidly

Why a Framework for a Framework?

Microsoftís .NET Framework supplies you with all the basic building blocks you need to create great desktop and Internet applications. However, with thousands of .NET base classes to choose from, itís like walking up to a construction site that contains piles of building materials. Everything is there, but you donít know where to start!

  • How can I get my .NET applications completed more quickly without sacrificing quality and performance?

  • How can I create .NET applications that are accessible from Windows, Web or any other front ends?

  • How can I apply design patterns and implement business objects to create well designed, object-oriented software that is high performance, scalable and maintainable?

  • Whatís the best data access strategy?

  • How can I build an application that works equally well with SQL Server, Oracle, or any other back database?

The Answer is MM .NET!

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MM VFP Version 8.0

What to Expect...

This release contains some great enhancements that take advantage of features in Visual FoxPro, such as cursor adapters, auto-incrementing fields, grid highlighting, language enhancements, and so on. We have maintained complete backward compatibility with previous versions of MM VFP, so we have kept the same error handling mechanisms that worked well in previous version of MM, while still allowing you to use the new structured error handling in your applications.

This version works with VFP 7 and VFP 8 and VFP 9, so you can take advantage of the new version even if you havenít upgraded to the latest versions of VFP yet.

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UT Members Choice Award 2001 -- Best Framework, version 7.1!

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We are associated with TMN-Systemberatung GmbH in Germany to provide service and support to German-speaking customers. They are long-time users of the MM Framework. German-speaking MM users can receive technical support in German at the Frameworks section. Visit their website for more information.

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