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Product Details

MM .NET is an application framework that helps you build well-designed, high-performance .NET applications using established best practices including design patterns. MM .NET guides you in placing your application logic in business objects so your core application can be accessed from any technology including:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Windows Forms
  • Silverlight
  • Windows Azure
  • WCF
  • Web Services
  • Windows Workflow

By encouraging use of design patterns in your applicaiton architecture, MM .NET helps you build applications that are both flexible and extensible.

Business and Data Access Layer
MM .NET's Business Layer Generator automatically generates much of your business layer including business controller objects, business entities, business rules, default values, and optionally, stored procedures. You can use MM .NET class Entity objects or take advantage of our integration with Microsoft's Entity Framework, which fills in the gaps of EF and make it far more usable than Microsoft's out-of-the-box implementation.

Presentation Layer
When building your application's user interface, MM .NET helps you create a UI that works well with your business layer, including improved data binding, localizaiton and even user-configurable security. With MM .NET, you can use our enhanced .NET UI controls or use your favorite third party UI toolkit from companies such as Telerik, Infragistics, and DevExpress

MM .NET Feature List!

"I have been using MM .NET Framework for nearly a week. I've just got one word to describe it "Excellent". I don't know why I didn't purchase this many years ago. I have accomplished so much in my application that I am writing in 5 days what has taken months to accomplish without MM .NET Framework." - Fred Besterwitch

Why You Need a .NET Application Framework

Creating applications in .NET can be difficult—even for those who have some level of experience. There are over 3,000 Microsoft .NET Framework base classes to choose from when building an application. You can liken the .NET base classes to piles of construction material. Everything you need to build a house is there, you just don’t know where to begin.

Another difficulty is determining “best practices” when creating .NET applications. Many of the .NET samples available in books, magazines, and on line take a simplistic approach to application development that, if followed, can paint you into a corner. This is where the MM .NET Framework comes to the rescue.

Climb the .NET Learning Curve with MM .NET

The MM .NET Framework gives you a tremendous amount of help in climbing the .NET learning curve by providing a high-level Framework for building business applications. Many of the building blocks you would otherwise have to design and create yourself such as business objects, data access classes, database manager, security manager, user manager, and so on, have already been built for you as high-performance, reusable components in MM .NET.

MM .NET teaches you best practices through its documentation, sample applications, and solid, object-oriented architecture. Your .NET applications immediately benefit from the solid foundation provided by MM .NET

A Framework for C#, VB .NET, and C++ Developers

.NET is written in C#, as are Microsoft’s .NET base classes. However, thanks to the language interoperability inherent with .NET (all source code compiles to a single Intermediate Language), MM .NET can be used by C#, VB .NET, C++ and for that matter, any other .NET language.

Flexibility and Solid Object-Oriented Design

One of the biggest complaints developers have about application frameworks is lack of flexibility. This is because many frameworks shoe-horn you into a specific way of doing things. In contrast, at its very foundation, the design of the MM .NET Framework anticipates you may want to do something different. MM .NET’s use of design patterns, abstract classes and interfaces allow you to easily change the Framework’s behavior to suit your needs.

High Performance

In the final analysis, regardless of how “OOP” your applications are, your end users want the application to be fast. With every feature we add to MM .NET, speed is a primary consideration. We start out with low-overhead designs and continue to tweak the highest possible performance out of them. If you choose to implement some of our special features such as UI-level security or multi-lingual capabilities, you’ll incur very little overhead—and if you choose not to use a particular feature, there’s no overhead at all!

Full Business Layer Implementation

Business objects are critical in creating flexible, highly-scalable object-oriented applications. Our high-performance business objects help you create applications that can access data from virtually any back end, and allow you to scale your applications from the desktop to the Internet.

Microsoft has provided a partial business object solution by means of its Entity Framework. However, entity objects are just one part of a full business object implementation. MM .NET fills in the rest of the pieces by means of our business object controllers (useful in Model-View-Controller, and Model-View-ViewModel design patterns) as well as business rule and default value objects. You can choose to use or classic MM .NET entity objects or optionally take advantage of our integration with Microsoft's Entity Framework.

Flexible Data Access

MM .NET business objects allow you to access SQL Server, Oracle, or any OLE DB data source from your application, and even dynamically switch between different types of data at runtime. This flexibility allows you to create a single application that accesses different types of data. You can even "mix and match" our classic MM .NET entity objects with Microsoft's Entity Framework. This is useful in scenarios where the Entity Framework is not as fast as you need it to be in specific circumstances.

A Single Code Base for Windows and Web Applications

Many companies create their applications twice—once for the desktop and again for the web. When you follow our guidance and put all your business logic in MM .NET business objects, you create a single code base that can be accessed from desktop or the web, including Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Silverlight, as well as WCF and Web Services. A single code base means you write, debug, and maintain less code!

It’s Multi-Lingual

MM .NET is designed from the ground up for creating applications that can be multi-lingual. You can even provide end-user access to our intuitive language tools, allowing them to add their own new languages and provide translations for existing text. This feature can also be used to provide variations of text in a single language. This is useful in vertical or horizontal market applications when you want to vary label text, messages, and so on.

Source Code Included!

Although you rarely need to peek under the hood to see what MM .NET is doing behind the scenes, for the times you need to do so, we provide the source code for the entire Framework. If you want to alter the Framework’s behavior, the source code allows you to get an in-depth look at how MM .NET works so you can easily adapt it to your needs.


MM .NET has the best documentation in the market, hands down! If you were to print out our Developer's Guide it would be over 3,000 pages. Our documentation includes Jump Starts that get you up and running quickly, as well step-by-step information for building every type of .NET application. Our FAQ sections provide information on general .NET questions that are not specific to MM .NET, but are commonly asked when building .NET applications.

Source Code Documentation

Our documentation starts at the source code level. We make extensive use of XML comments that help you understand what’s going on behind the scenes—even if you are not familiar with C#.

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The cost of the MM .NET Framework is $699 per developer, including source code and royalty-free distribution of your applications.

Volume pricing -- If you purchase five (5) or more licenses at the same time, you get a 20% discount on all licenses.

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