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Object Orientation in .NET - Beyond the Basics

This .NET training video is extremely practical, providing real-world context for these object-oriented principles. You will walk away a better designer and developer as you also learn to properly apply these principles and avoid the pitfalls of object-oriented programming.

This training assumes you know the basics of object orientation and takes you beyond by covering the following topics:

Training Topics
Setting up the Visual Studio Environment
Understanding Business Objects
Working with Class Diagrams
Instance and Static Members (avoiding the pitfalls)
Programming to an Interface (not an implementation)
Working with Abstract Classes
Working with Interfaces
Factories and Other Creational Patterns
The .NET Event Model (Part 1)
The .NET Event Model (Part 2)

This training includes both source code and class diagrams illustrating the techniques used in each section.

Cost: Only $149!

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What Developers are Saying...

"Thanks for a truly useful training video. For me, the balance between the explanation of concepts and the on-screen demonstration of code samples is just perfect. In particular, the section on Abstract classes and Interfaces (how to implement them, and when to use them) cleared up a number of uncertainties I had."  - Clifford Clarke