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Using the Mere Mortals VFP Framework gives you a solid foundation for developing cutting-edge software that can scale from the desktop to the Internet. A comprehensive Developer's Guide packed with examples plus extensive internal class documentation helps you implement the Framework quickly. A useful sample application lets you see the Framework classes in action.

  • MM VFP Developers Guide

    This is the full Developer's Guide that comes with our Mere Mortals VFP Application Framework. It includes very detailed instructions on using MM VFP, along with How To's and Jump Starts.

Note that this version works with both VFP7, VFP8, and VFP9.

This new release contains some great enhancements that take advantage of the new features in Visual FoxPro, such as cursor adapters, auto-incrementing fields, grid highlighting, language enhancements, and so on. We have maintained complete backward compatibility with previous versions of Mere Mortals VFP, so we have kept the same error handling mechanisms that worked well in previous version of MM, while still allowing you to use the new structured error handling in your applications. In addition to the enhancements for VFP8, we have added many other great enhancements as well as bug fixes in this new version.


         It’s FAST! The class hierarchy is lean and the classes streamlined. When adding new features to the Framework we adhere to the belief that the best OOP design is both object-oriented and optimized.

Technologically Advanced

         It’s fully COM-capable, allowing you to build n-tier applications that easily scale from the desktop to the Internet.

         It allows you to create both thin and fat client Internet/Intranet applications by integrating with Microsoft’s Active Server Pages technology or West Wind Web Connection.

         Business objects adapt to desktop or n-tier environments, serving up VFP Cursors, HTML, XML, ADO or object data.

         Creates applications that that can access VFP or client-server data…and switch between them dynamically at run time.

         The Framework is always evolving to keep up with the latest advancements in Visual FoxPro while maintaining backward compatibility. We also listen to developer feedback when adding new features. Each release contains enhancements suggested by many talented developers throughout the world.

         Robust error handler provides detailed application error tracking and logging.

         The Framework’s Abstract Factory allows tremendous flexibility instantiating objects as well as easily replacing major Framework components with your own custom classes.

World-Class Documentation

         Our comprehensive Developer’s Guide and Jump Start Guide quickly help you get up and running and using the Framework effectively.

         Our sample Project Manager application provides live examples of Framework classes in use.

Far Reaching Scope

         Great for small projects or large industrial-strength applications.

         Be a part of a large network of developers from around the world using the same framework and exchanging ideas on the Internet.

Integration with 3rd Party Products

         The Framework provides easy integration with popular VFP tools such as West Wind Web Connection, Stonefield Database Toolkit, Steven Black’s INTL Toolkit, and FoxAudit.

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COST -- The Mere Mortals VFP Framework is $499/per developer. There is a good community of Mere Mortal developers on the Universal Thread where you can receive unlimited FREE support.

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For more information than what you find here or to ask any questions send an e-mail to or call 434-979-2417. 


  Last Updated:  February 08, 2007