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Kevin was interviewed in March 2004, but you can still listen to the interview:

Who is Kevin McNeish?
Kevin McNeish is President and Chief Software Architect of Oak Leaf Enterprises, Inc, and a Microsoft .NET MVPHe is a well-known INETA speaker speaker and trainer throughout North America and Europe. He is co-author of the book "Professional UML with Visual Studio .NET", and author of the book ".NET for Visual FoxPro Developers, has authored numerous articles for software magazines and has been interviewed on the .NET Rocks! Internet Radio Show. He is the Chief Software Architect of the MM .NET Framework and spends about half his time on the road training and mentoring companies to build well-designed, high-performance .NET desktop, ASP.NET and Smart Device applications. He has also helped many developers transition to the .NET development platform in his highly acclaimed .NET training classes. e-mail: