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MM .NET and MM Xamarin Training

April 25-27, 2018

This class teaches developers about the latest .NET Standard, .NET Core, Entity Framework and Xamarin technologies and how to leverage these in MM .NET and the upcoming MM Xamarin Framework!

Attendees Get One Free Copy of MM Xamarin!

Our move to .NET Standard 2.0 in our latest release of MM .NET 4.7 laid the foundation for creating the all new MM Xamarin Framework, for building mobile apps on iOS, Android, and UWP platforms!

During class, you'll see MM Xamarin in action as we build Xamarin Native and Xamarin Forms apps for iOS, Android, and UWP. Attendees get one free copy of MM Xamarin!

Reviews from our Students

Your recordings helped me more than you'll ever know! You're an excellent instructor and got me up and running when I was short on time. I've watched the videos multiple times and still revisit them. - Donald H.

It helps to have other developers listening in and asking questions, because most of the time I think "Ah, good question!". - Thomas F

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.NET for Visual FoxPro Developers

March 14-16, 2018

This live, online training class is taught by Kevin McNeish, the author of the book .NET for Visual FoxPro Developers an eight-time Microsoft .NET MVP recipient, and a well-known INETA speaker at .NET conferences, code camps and user groups.

Each session is 5 hours long and there is 1 session per day for 3 days. The regular cost for the class is $699 or just $599 if you take advantage of our early-bird special, which expires March 9, 2018!

Updated for .NET 4.7 and Visual Studio 2017!

This class has been updated to include information on the new .NET 4.7 technologies including Visual Studio 2017, Entity Framework 6.2, and .NET Standard.

Includes .NET Standard 2.0, Xamarin, UWP, iOS and Android

The .NET Standard and Xamarin technologies are finally ready for prime time! During this training you will get an overview of these technologies that allow you to build cross-platform apps, reusing the majority of your application code.

What Students are Saying

Thank you for an outstanding three days. I was looking for "full immersion" to jump start my involvement with .NET, and this training session delivered. The recordings will be particularly valuable as a way to go back and spend some real hands-on time in .NET to reinforce what we learned during the live sessions. - Rick Borup

A very informative class! Kevin has a way of making even the most difficult concepts easy to understand. Highly recommended! - Paul M.

What a wonderful training seminar! It was extremely beneficial and I'm going to start using what I've learned right away. - John B

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