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iOS App Development Hands-On Training Class   

April 1-5, 2013, Manhattan Beach, CA
July 8-12, 2013, Maui, HI

If you love our book series, you're going to love this class. Our students tell us this is hands down the best training they have ever taken! This five day workshop, is specifically designed for you, the non-programmer. It teaches you the skills you need to create great Apps for the iPhone and iPad, using the latest tools from Apple!

At the end of the class both your voice and your spirits were just as high as they were at the beginning ... and in my experience, that's a rare occurence! The content was excellent, with a blend of theory (reasons for a specific approach), real-world examples, and tips (for what works, and what not to do). - Mark Dean

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MM .NET Workshop

Dates to be decided

This in-depth workshop takes you through the complete process of designing and building a fully functioning MM .NET application. You will learn best practices and advanced techniques as you take a system specification, create a business object model (including business processes), write unit tests then create a robust WPF, Web Forms and Silverlight front end for the application. 

This training class is taught by Kevin McNeish, the Chief Software Architect of MM .NET, an eight-time recipient of the .NET MVP award, and a well-known INETA speaker at .NET and iOS conferences and user groups. Check out a syllabus of this class!

.NET for Visual FoxPro Developers

Dates to be decided

This live, online training class is taught by Kevin McNeish, the author of the book .NET for Visual FoxPro Developers an eight-time Microsoft .NET MVP recipient, and a well-known INETA speaker at .NET conferences, code camps and user groups.

Each session is 6 hours long and there is 1 session per day for 3 days. The regular cost for the class is $599 or just $499 if you take advantage of our early-bird specials!

Updated for .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010!
This class has been updated to include information on the new .NET 4.0 technologies including Visual Studio 2010, Entity Framework 2 and Silverlight 4.

What Students are Saying
Thank you for an outstanding three days. I was looking for "full immersion" to jump start my involvement with .NET, and this training session delivered. The recordings will be particularly valuable as a way to go back and spend some real hands-on time in .NET to reinforce what we learned during the live sessions.

- Rick Borup

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MM .NET Advanced Training Class 

Dates to be decided
This class contains advanced information to help MM .NET developers take the next big leap in software development best practices, object-orientation, design principles, productivity, optimization, testing, and deployment

This training class is taught by Kevin McNeish, the chief architect of MM .NET, a Microsoft .NET MVP, and a well-know INETA speaker at .NET conferences and user groups.

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MM .NET Annual Training Subscription

$2499 / $1499

For the annual cost of just $2,499.00 US, you can have full access to all training videos as well as live, on-line classes offered by Oak Leaf Enterprises, Inc. This includes all MM .NET, generic .NET and iPhone training videos for a period of one year after your purchase. When you renew the Annual Training Subscription in subsequent years, the cost is just $1499.

When you purchase the annual subscription, for a period of one year you will have full access to all existing training recordings as well as recordings of all training classes given in that one year period--including attendance to all live training classes.

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