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.NET for VFP Developers Training

This class helps Visual FoxPro developers leverage what they know about VFP in learning .NET. This includes understanding the languages, tools, object-orientation, as well as best software development practices.

This live, online training class is taught by Kevin McNeish, the author of the book .NET for Visual FoxPro Developersa Microsoft .NET MVP for the past seven years, and an INETA speaker. This updated class covers the latest .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 technologies.

Each session is 5 hours long and there is 1 session per day for 3 days. The regular cost for the class is $599 or just $499 if you take advantage of our early-bird specials!

Quotes from Students

Thank you for an outstanding three days. I was looking for "full immersion" to jump start my involvement with .NET, and this training session delivered. The recordings will be particularly valuable as a way to go back and spend some real hands-on time in .NET to reinforce what we learned during the live sessions.

- Rick Borup

If You Can't Attend the Class--Just Purchase the Recording
We are using Camtasia to create high-quality recordings of the entire training class. Even if you can't attend the live class, if you sign up for the class you will still get the full recording which you can review at your leisure. Students who sign up for the class but do not attend are free to attend another one of our on-line .NET for VFP classes any time in the future.

New .NET 4.0, Visual Studio 2010 Content!

This class has been completely updated to include information on .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010,  Microsoft Entity Framework 2 and Silverlight 4.

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Session 1an>


Introduction to .NET

This session provides an overview of the .NET Framework and includes information on code compilation, assemblies, the Global Assembly Cache, disassembly, processes, domains, memory management and deployment.

Working with Visual Studio 2010

ThisThis session shows you how to get the most out of the Visual Studio development environment and covers many of the new features for such as design-time expression evaluation, Class Designer, UML diagrams, refactoring tools, smart tags, debugging enhancements and code expansions.

C# and VB .NET Primeran>

ThisThis session teaches the basics of C# and VB .NET and can help you choose the development language that is right for your team. Includes information on basic syntax, namespaces, defining classes, strong typing, enumerations, arrays, collections, generics, and type conversions.

Session 2an>


Object Orientation in .NET

This session compares object-orientation in .NET to VFP and shows how to leverage what you already know about OOP in Visual FoxPro. It includes information on best practices and real-world examples on the use of inheritance, polymorphism, static and instance members, overloaded methods, abstract classes, and interfaces. It also discusses some of the latest OOP features for C# and VB .NET.

DataData access in .NET

This session provides live examples of information important to VFP developerss--how to access, manipulate, and update data in ADO.NET. It provides information on .NET Data Providers, DataSets, Data Readers, XML, stored procedures, SQL Pass-through as well as the Language Integrated Query technology (LINQ) and Microsoft Entity Framework.

Session 3an>


Working with Business Objects

One of the biggest mistakes new .NET developers make is to put the majority of their application logic in the user interface. This session highlights the importance of using business objects for creating a single code base for Windows and Web applications, normalizing your application logic, and providing flexible data access.

CreaCreating Windows Applications with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

This session provides a step-by-step example of creating a Windows application using Windows Forms and/or the new Windows Presentation Foundation technology. It includes information on the Windows event model, an overview of user interface controls, data binding, and the use of business objects.  

Creating Web Applications with ASP.NET and Silverlight 4

This session provides a step-by-step example of creating a Web application. It includes information on the new ASP.NET application model, working in a stateless web environment, an overview of user interface controls, data binding, and the use of business objects. We also introduce the new Silverlight 4 technologies that allow you to create Rich Internet Applications!

How it works
The live training class is broadcast directly to your company using Citrix's . All you need is a computer with a high speed internet connection and a phone. During each training session you simply connect to the training seminar via the internet and you see the trainer's computer in a window on your machine. If multiple students at your company want to take the class (Note: Each participant must pay for the class) you can simply hook up a projector to your computer so everyone in the room can see. As the trainer steps through presentations and uses Visual Studio to create and execute code samples you see it all as it is happening.

For audio hookup, you call into the specified phone number and join a conference call where you can hear the trainer and vice versa, or you can use VoIP and connect with a headset and microphone. To minimize disruptions, you can post questions in a chat window for the instructor to answer.


  • You save the usual costs of airfare, hotel, food, and rental car to attend a class
  • You aren't tied up all day in training
  • You get a recording of the entire training class!

The The class consists of three, six-hour training>

The cost for the class is $599 ($499 early bird special) per student. NoteNote that if you have multiple students taking the training, each student must pay for the class. In addition to the class registration fee, the number you call for audio hookup is a toll number, so you will be charged on your phone bill at the regular rate of your long distance provider. If you use Voice-Over-IP or if you have free unlimited long distance calls, then the call is free. 

For more information or to ask any questions, send an e-mail to ref=""> or call 434-979-2417.

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