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MM .NET Advanced Training

This class contains advanced information to help MM .NET developers take the next big leap in software development best practices, object-orientation, design principles, productivity, optimization, testing, and deployment. This on-line class is taught by Kevin McNeish, Microsoft .NET MVP, INETA speaker, and Chief Architect of MM .NET.

If You Can't Attend the Class--Just Purchase the Recording
We are using Camtasia to create high-quality recordings of the entire training class. Even if you can't attend the live class, if you sign up for the class you will still get the full recording which you can review at your leisure. Students who sign up for the class but do not attend are free to attend another one of our on-line .NET for VFP classes any time in the future.

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Advanced Object-Orientation with MM .NET

This session dives into advanced object-oriented techniques that can help you extend MM .NET core classes as well as build solid, well-designed applications. Includes information on working with design patterns, extensibility mechanisms, generics, custom events, interfaces, abstract classes, code generation, and unit testing.

Advanced Data Access / Physical n-tier Architectures with Web Services and Windows Communication Foundation

This session provides a deep understanding of ADO.NET and MM .NET data access techniques including information on customizing data access, the use of stored procedures, and best practices for creating applications that access multiple back ends. This session also covers accessing components on remote machines with the MM .NET Windows Communication Foundation Data Access classes.



Building a Solid, Well-Designed Business Object Model and integration with the
Entity Framework

One of the greatest challenges in software development is building a solid, well-designed business object model. This in-depth, practical session covers advanced techniques including the use of design tools such as the Visual Studio Class Designer and the new Entity Data Modeler for creating a business object model that provides a well-balanced load of responsibilities and works well in all types of .NET applications. During this session a business object model is created for a sample application that includes MM .NET strongly typed entity objects that work in conjunction with Microsoft's Entity Framework.

Creating Business Process and Activity-Oriented Applications with MM .NET and Windows Workflow


This session builds on the previous session by demonstrating how to use Windows Workflow and/or the MM .NET Business Process class to best design applications that are service-oriented by creating a business process layer that provides a higher-level interface to your business object model.



Creating World-Class user interfaces with Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight 4, Windows Forms, and ASP.NET

This session demonstrates how to build world-class user interfaces for your MM .NET applications using the new Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight 4, as well as the traditional Windows Forms and ASP.NET technologies. You will learn the best place to use each type of UI technology and how to best integrate your business objects, processes, and workflows.


How it Works
The live training class is broadcast directly to your company using Citrix�s All you need is a computer with a high speed internet connection and a phone. During each training session you simply connect to the training seminar via the internet and you see the trainer�s computer in a window on your machine. If multiple students at your company want to take the class (Note: Each participant must pay for the class) you can simply hook up a projector to your computer so everyone in the room can see. As the trainer steps through presentations and uses Visual Studio to create and execute code samples you see it all as it is happening.

For audio hookup, you call into the specified phone number and join a conference call where you can hear the trainer and vice versa. To minimize disruptions, you can post questions in a chat window for the instructor to answer.

All slides used in the training are e-mailed to you about one week before the class begins. You may want to print out these slides for each student so they can take notes during class.



  • You save the usual costs of airfare, hotel, food, and rental car to attend a class
  • You save travel time to and from a training location
  • You get a recording of the entire training class!

The class consists of three, six-hour training sessions. 


The cost for the class is $999 per student, but if you take advantage of our early-bird specials you get the early bird price of $799 per student. Note that if you have multiple students taking the training, each student must pay for the class. In addition to the class registration fee, the number you call for audio hookup is a toll number, so you will be charged on your phone bill at the regular rate of your long distance provider. If you have free unlimited long distance calls, then the call is free. 

New Alumni Discount

If you have previously attended an MM .NET training class, you can get our special alumni discount of $399! To get this special price, in the Training Location box of the on-line ordering form, enter the promo code: MMALUM.

For more information or to ask any questions, send an e-mail to or call 434-979-2417 

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 Last Updated:  July 07, 2009